Verified Marylin Monroe Healthy & Rotted Clones.
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Marylin Monroe Healthy & Rotted Clones.

2677 Hog Camp Road SYLMAR CA91342 Los Angeles United States

Strong sour fruit smell, leaning towards strawberries. It also has a light sulphur-fuel smell as well. It has a very pungent and potent kick. Predominantly a fresh strawberry flavor mixed with a very potent fuel Indica smell. Because of the genetics involved with this one often it is hard to tell just what flavor is gonna come out. It is strong and it hits before you finish the second hit. Even though it is said to be an Indica heavy Hybrid it hits you more like a very strong Haze. Efects include euphoric and relaxation. However my head stays clear throughout the experience and there is no really heavy after effects.

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Address:2677 Hog Camp Road SYLMAR CA91342

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