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McLean Legal Family Lawyers

922 5 Ave SW Calgary, AB Canada

There is a brighter future ahead with McLean Legal's family lawyers. As a dynamic, multi-service family law firm in Calgary, we have been offering legal counselling for over 30 years, providing our clients with clear, professional, and realistic advice. We understand that navigating the legal process can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, with everyone's unique situation. Our approach is to develop and execute legal personalized strategies that meet your particular circumstances, endeavouring to resolve matters quickly and with minimal conflict. From representing your interests as your Calgary divorce lawyer to assisting with child support, mediation and separation agreements, we're experts in family law, as well as civil litigation, commercial/corporate, and real estate law. We treat everyone, regardless of gender or background, with equal fairness, integrity and respect, promising that we’ll be by your side throughout any difficult experiences. Schedule your free consultation with our family lawyers in Calgary by calling 587-353-2632.

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