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Melbourne Reiki and Wellness

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Melbourne Reiki & Wellness gives you the opportunity to discover the amazing physical and mental health benefits of mindset coaching and energy healing in Melbourne. Our Reiki Master, Casey, has made it her life’s passion to help people experience positive shifts in their mind, body and spirit. If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety or uncertainty and self-doubt, she can help you find inner and outer peace by clearing all kinds of emotional and energy blockages.
In addition to being one of the best Reiki healers in Melbourne, Casey also has tremendous skill and experience teaching yoga to people from all walks of life. These classes focus on combining breath and movement to create a meditative effect that connects the body and mind. From short classes for beginners to more advanced classes for seasoned pros, Casey can cater to people of all skill levels.
Casey also loves to share her passion for Reiki with others by conducting courses and workshops. This allows you to broaden your skills, work on your own personal growth and development, and share this with others. Get in touch with Casey if you have any questions about her Reiki healing treatment and she’ll happily answer them.

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