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Created on
December 4, 2019
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December 10, 2019
June 2009
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When yoga practitioners David Spratt and Peter Harley looked at the growing yoga market, they saw a lack of quality, reliable supplies. Fuelled by their passion for yoga, they created I Yoga Props, a supplier of yoga mats, yoga props, and yoga-related media. I Yoga Props was established in Melbourne in 2001, and today, their online store delivers yoga supplies across Australia as well as internationally. I Yoga Props stocks yoga mats in a range of thicknesses, including premium, budget, and eco options. They also provide mat care products such as natural cleaning sprays and mat bags. The yoga props in the range include soft support products, yoga chairs, yoga blocks and belts, inversion props, inversion ropes, and wooden yoga props. I Yoga Props also stocks a wide range of prop kits and accessories, including eye pillows, yoga wear, and yoga timers. I Yoga Props’ range of yoga media includes books, DVDS, and CDS covering a range of topics, including yoga philosophy, history, pregnancy yoga, and special interest areas.
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