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Melbourne VIC

Pest Control Rowville


Created on
January 31, 2020
Last modified
January 31, 2020
January 2011
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0433 791 074


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Rowville, 3178, VIC, Australia


Marks Pest Control Rowville is independent, family owned and local. We are dedicated to sustainable pest control, Equipment with advanced technology and 20 Years old pest Control Company. Marks Pest Control Rowville is fully licensed and insured. Our service technicians are well seasoned and state certified. We are capable to keep up to date with trends and innovations in the pest control, home building, and realty industries. We think this is essential for our clientele and our community in which we live. Once we are satisfied that pests have been eradicated we issue a “pest free” certificate for your business, factory or warehouse which can be used to reassure customers that your environment is pest free. Marks Pest Control Rowville carry out pest inspection and eradication on delivery vehicles to avoid pest contamination of goods handled. A certificate is issued for the vehicle and records maintained to ensure ongoing compliance. Marks Pest Control Rowville Experts In: pest extermination control in the home, pest control, extermination and pest control, insects bug pest control, insects pest control service, pest control service Rowville, pest control methods, cockroach extermination, ant control, termite control, bird control, cockroach control. All estimates are provided free of charge for any of the treatments mentioned above. We also provide general pest control for roaches, rodents, and other pests including fleas. We provide service on a regular contract basis for various types of establishments (commercial, residential, industrial) as required -- weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
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