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April 7, 2020
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September 4, 2020
September 1985
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425 Smith Street, Fitzroy


Growing your business from home can be hard. Google might have started in a garage but you want clients to believe you have a presence bigger than your kitchen table. If you are an interstate business you might want to test the local market before taking the plunge. A Melbourne Virtual Office helps you build your empire without the cost of your own real estate. With a Virtual Office address in the heart of Melbourne on your business cards and stationary you can be confident that your brand and business is taken seriously while keeping your home address confidential. United Co has a range of Virtual Office membership options to get you started or a no commitment free trial if you are unsure. As your business grows, and the daily tasks mount up, you might think about new staff. It’s reassuring to have a team on hand to look after the administration while you do what you do best. Hiring staff can be tricky, time consuming and, if you get it wrong, expensive. Then you have to manage them, develop them, and remember their birthday. The United Co Melbourne Virtual Office can handle your mail, answer your calls, provide a personal assistant and even manage your online marketing communications. All this while you concentrate on your business.
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