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Melie Ilogu

MelieIlogu is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, technology executive, digital marketing guru and author.
Born in Lagos, Nigeria to a management consultant father and a corporate attorney lawyer, he attended the Prestigious Kings college Lagos from 1995-1998 and Corona Secondary School from 1999-2001.
He moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2008 and quickly launched the Oasis Spa and Wellness Center located at 600 Washington Avenue N in the high brow north loop district. During his time as founder of Oasis, he began to implement the technical methodologies he learned in college to create a strong digital presence and lead generation machinery for oasis. This led to Oasis being recognized as the top spa in downtown minneapolis in 2013 and the spa began to receive interest from potential buyers and investors. By 2014, Oasis Spa was sold for an undisclosed amount.

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