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Nashville TN

Murals, Music, and Museums Walking Tour 

Murals, Music, and Museums Walking Tour 


Created on
January 16, 2020
Last modified
January 16, 2020
January 2018
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Full Description​:  By combining the fascinating urban murals, blues music, and community museum, you’ll experience  the authentic side of the city. Discover the rhythm and blues heritage of Historic Jefferson Street by  joining this Nashville walking tour.   Visit a community museum that tells the story of the musicians who have come here in search of  fame and fortune. Combine that with capturing special moments in front of the new murals of North  Nashville that are mostly designed by social impact artists reflecting the rich history and culture of  the South.  With your United Street Tours’ guide, you will celebrate a neighborhood, history, and art with a rich  tradition that is not found in your average convention and visitor\\\\\\\'s bureau brochure. Take the  opportunity to give back to the Nashville community by raising awareness and driving traffic to  small, local businesses and artists.  Book now to secure your spot. Tickets tend to sell out during high season.     Direct Booking Only at
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