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Created on
December 4, 2019
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December 4, 2019
July 2018
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Allen Law is a reputable firm helping students secure their Title IX rights. Run by Michael Thad Allen, who has vast experience of appearing as a sexual harassment lawyers in ct for students as well as employees of academic institutions. He has an enviable track record of successfully appearing as Title IX attorney for students at more than 25 institutions. The law firm has saved the careers of numerous student by providing skilful underage drinking and hazing litigation lawyers. Mr. Allen is a well-known sexual assault lawyers who has helped victims get their due justice. At the same time, he has also assisted people wrongfully accused of such crimes in clearing their names. Many young individuals have acquired peace ofmind after a cyberbullying lawyer from the firm. Victims of hazing injury and sexual assault and people who have been unfairly accused of such crimes or drunk driving can hire skilled drunk driving defense attorney by contacting the firm through phone, e-mail or website.
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