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October 9, 2018
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December 8, 2018



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And that’s me eating the biggest slice of pizza because one cannot think well, sleep well, or travel well, if one has not dined well. I like to spend my weekends in places around the world like Bali, Hong Kong, Lisbon and Geneva, to name a few! Many people [respectfully] quit their jobs to travel the world. I decided to travel the world while also working full time back home in NYC. I have limited time off work but I don’t let that stop me from going to my dream destinations. My goal is to inspire you to think outside the box – to realize that it is possible to travel long distances for short periods of time. During my free time I head my own charity for underprivileged kids with Cancer. Helping others is in my nature so the intent of my written work is simple: to help you think outside the box when it comes to travel, to inspire you, and to give you a little guidance on this unique lifestyle choice. My goal isn’t to help anyone to travel on a budget (quite frankly, I’m still learning myself) – but I can give tips on finding cheaper flights and accommodation. I can provide you with unique ways of making money on the side and overall personal advice on traveling. Likewise, my goal is not to convince anyone to take 26 hour flights to go to places like Bali for three days. The latter is just my style of travel – it takes me just a few days to get a feel for a city or country and if I feel that a long weekend is not enough time; I know that nothing will stop me from coming back. To you it may sound crazy – to me it’s a lifestyle. My goal is to help you get rid of the mental roadblocks that stop you from experiencing all the things that you want to experience. My goal is to hear less of “there’s not enough time” and more of “that’s it! I’m going to do it!” My goal is simple: to inspire and show that it is possible & worth it.
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