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March 1, 2018
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December 10, 2018


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Redocs has general relationships with banks, financing companies, and funds that are active in the energy space. We have the ability to present your energy upgrades to these lenders in the most positive light such that we can secure the maximum proceeds at the best possible terms and rates. Local Law 87 is both a useful and time-consuming requirement for NYC owners and managers. NYC Local Law 87 is both a useful and difficult requirement for NYC owners and managers. The process helps to recognize energy savings, but the costs of observance can be important. Redocs is better than anyone at closing the gap between the problems and the benefits that this law creates. The city has come up with a new way of upsetting landlords. It’s called Local Law 84.We are the leading provider of bench marking services in NYC having bench marked buildings for over 500 clients as part of Local Law 84. We are accurate, efficient, and most importantly inexpensive. We do all of the work.
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