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Training Data for AI in Agriculture

Training Data for AI in Agriculture


Created on
October 10, 2019
Last modified
January 9, 2020
October 2019
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16 Horseshoe Ln, Levittown, NY 11756, USA


Anolytics offers Training Data for AI in Agriculture with all types of image annotation service to make the objects recognition through computer vision. It is specialized in annotating the crops, vegetables and fruits in farm field. The images are annotated to train the AI or ML models work automatically making agriculture easier and productive. Anolytics is providing the AI use cases in agriculture to develop the models for crop monitoring, fruits or vegetables condition detection, detect unwanted crops, 3D field map imagery, crop health monitoring and live stock management. The training data for agriculture by Anolytics consists bounding boxes, semantic annotation and other types of annotations as per the perception model training data needs. PH. No. : +1-516-342-5749 Email ID :
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