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Training Data Sets for Healthcare

Training Data Sets for Healthcare


Created on
August 22, 2019
Last modified
August 22, 2019
August 2019
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Anolytics caters the medical imagining data for AI training in healthcare sector. It is providing the precisely annotated medical images like X-rays, MRI, CT Scan and Ultrasound for machine learning and AI model training through computer vision. Various types of medical images are annotated with different techniques as per the requirements while ensuring the accuracy and quality of data sets to help AI and ML developers build a successful model at low cost. Anolytics team can detect the various types of diseases in Kidney, Liver, Brain or Teeth and annotate the malady in the images with clarity to make it recognizable for machines through computer vision. Working with well-trained and experienced team members, it can supply huge quantity of images with scalable solution for flexible demands. Anolytics image annotation service for healthcare training data is available at very affordable pricing. PH. No. : +1-516-342-5749 Email ID :
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