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Oklahoma City OK

Legacy Property Solution


Created on
September 14, 2019
Last modified
September 14, 2019
September 2010



Postal or Zip Code
203 James Dr. (12,580.53 km) 74954 Roland, Oklahoma


We are a Real Estate investment company specializing in single-family, multi-family, and some commercial investing. We focus on buying, rehabbing, and selling in the Arkansas/Oklahoma regions. Our primary goal is to assist and help homeowners as well as other investors such as ourselves with there home and Real Estate investment needs. We highly encourage you to contact us if you have a home or property you need to sell quickly and give us the chance and trust to help you in the upmost best why we possibly can. Investors are highly encouraged to contact us to fined out how we can benefit from working together and add value to one another.
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