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PB Telpa offers the safest indoor paintball facilities in the Baltic countries. That means that these facilities are available for a paintball themed event. Regardless if it\'s a child\'s birthday, corporate event, just a regular indoor paintball game day. We can provide with the equipment, paintball balls , safety gear and so on.
Also, regarding the paintball balls we use, they aren\'t your casual splashy, bruise leaving, hard hitting balls. Instead we use reusable latex balls, with no paint marks and since they don\'t need to explode on impact, the amount of force for the paintball guns can be reduced to a bruise/ paint mess free event.
When we state that we have the safest indoor paintball facilities in the Baltics, we do mean it and back it up as well. That\'s why our services will be your best choice when it comes to active, safe events for kids and adults.
Speaking of kids events, you can don\'t have to just arrive and leave for the actual match, you can bring your food and general party set up and play paintball as you enjoy your child\'s special day!

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