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Perth Ceiling Fixers

Perth Ceiling Fixers offers a wide range of ceiling repair, maintenance and installation solutions. We have a team of experienced professionals, who are trained to provide you with A-grade satisfactory services and cater to all your requirements. Whether you have a Gyprock repair, sagging ceiling, plaster glass repair or you need a Gyprock wall removed or one putting in, we have built a reputation based on quality, value and exceptional customer service.We proudly providin ceiling and wall maintenance, restoration and repairs for Perth residential homes and commercial needs. For free quotes, friendly service and expert advice please call us on 0418 908 426


Company Address: 1st Floor/2114 Sixth Ave, Inglewood

City: Perth, Western Australia

State/Suburb: WA(Northern Queens.)

Country: Australia

Postcode: 6052

Phone no: 418908426

Company/Sales Email.ID: [email protected]

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