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0449 703 286


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24 Blackthorn Road, Greenwood WA 6024

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Motivating People to Change Their Lives, Empower Them to Push Their Boundaries and Achieve Something Meaningful in Life is what ‘AbbiCare’ strives to achieve.
We consider our disability service as our passion and with that have been helping people connect in their society at a different level.
Right from the start, we have operated with integrity, professionalism and have always tried to help all our clients in the best manner possible. Be it personal alarm systems for seniors or personal alarm pendant in Perth, we always strive to provide the best quality products and services.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate to care about you and always strive to present with the best-in-class disability systems

Our customer care service is always accessible and ready to answer to all your product/service queries

Each product undergoes strident quality-testing before being dispatched into the market

While maintaining quality in all elderly GPS alarm pendant and disability systems in Perth, Australia we also ensure that our products adhere to industry-standard rates.

Our core value is built on Compassion, Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Premium Services every time.

What Do We Offer?

We offer you a wide range of disability such as:

Power Folding Wheelchair and latest designed beach wheelchairs

State of the art Personal Alarms Perth, Medical Alarms for Seniors Australia and home alarm systems

Personal Mobile SOS GPS tracker pendant, SureSafe personal dual alarms wrist watches

Wi-Fi CCTV Camera, friends and family alarms

Top-grade personal fall alarm and panic alarm system in Perth, Australia

Get in Touch .We Promise To Stir up Your Confidence and Coach You Achieve Your Dreams over Time.

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