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Pivotal Health and Wellness

2290 10th Ave N Suite 102 Lake Worth, FL, 33461 United States

At Pivotal Health and Wellness, we take pride in offering our patients the latest and most effective medical strategies to treat their conditions. Our personal belief is that we should focus on treating the underlying problem instead of simply easing its symptoms. Make sure your doctor has a comprehensive treatment plan to diagnose and address the root cause of the condition. As a new patient, there are many questions you likely have about Lake Worth chiropractic and the way we treat your pain. At Pivotal Health and Wellness, we take great care in explaining every step of this process. Our doctors are happy to delve into any topic on your mind — from our treatment philosophy to the costs of care. We want you to be as educated as possible about your situation and will gladly offer you any additional information you need or want.

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