Verified Polyline Annotation for Lane Detection in Self-driving Cars
11 months ago

Polyline Annotation for Lane Detection in Self-driving Cars

Polyline annotation for self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles, to make the road, street and highways recognizable for right movement on the road. This is a kind of annotation technique, use to annotate the road surface marking recognizable to computer vision based AI models. It is the process of annotating such lanes, like single or double lanes or broken lanes painted on the highways or city ways.
Precise Lane Detection for Self-driving Vehicles
Polyline annotation use to annotate the road surface marking recognizable to self-driving cars. Actually, all the highway, city ways and roads have their different marking surface painted as per the lines drawn on such streets. The self-driving cars are developed on AI-based technology in which computer vision is used to detect and recognize the different types of objects or things visible in the natural environment.
Accurate Path Detection for Autonomous Vehicles
When autonomous vehicles move on the street, it requires the precise detection of road, its turning point and edges to avoid collision and move safely. When such surfaces are annotated it becomes recognizable for machines through computer vision. Anolytics can draw the line parallel with such road surface marking with high level of accuracy for right detection.
Polyline with Spline Annotation for Self-driving Training Data
Anolytics is expert in annotating the lanes on the highways, city streets and roadways with the extra level of accuracy for creating a reliable and quality training datasets for autonomous vehicles. It can annotate the large volume datasets with best level of accuracy for right model development. Anolytics provides the image annotation services to create the high quality data for AI and machine learning.

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