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VishwaVed Farms


Created on
January 10, 2020
Last modified
March 12, 2020
January 2019
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VishwaVed Farms, a farmhouse in Velhe is an idyllic place to plan a retreat set into the depths of nature and enjoy the picnic spots near Pune. From planning your one-day outings to romantic weekend getaways or even an adventure-filled week, the bungalow gives you a complete feel of a home away from your home. It is located around 60 km away from Pune which is one of the perfect weekend getaway from Pune and surrounding cities. Get rejuvenated and hit the refresh button with trekking, site gazing, and letting loose with close proximity to the beautiful waterfalls, dams, and the mountains. VishwaVed Farms have been tailored to meet the comfort of travelers may it be families, vacationers or youngsters. VishwaVed farms have got some amazing amenities like swimming pool, kitchen, play area, parking space, TV with cable, solar hot water heater, tea service, outdoor screening, outdoor barbeque, indoor board games, bonfire, outdoor dining area and many more. Nearby Attractions: -Torna Fort - 5 Km -Gunjavane Dam - 8 km -Rajgad Fort - 12 km -Madhe Ghat - 18 km -Baneshwar Temple - 20 km -Sinhagad Fort - 24 km
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