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Qasir Z Khan

Downtown Dubai, Located inside The Dubai Mall Dubai United Arab Emirates

The Qasir Z Khan Company originated in 2011, coined by a renowned fashion designer and visual artist Qasir Z Khan, based in Dubai. It made waves with the elite clientele, due to its uniqueness and pizzazz. The brand soon became sought after for its supreme quality products crafted under Qasir's artistic eye and dedicated vigilance.

Presently, Qasir Z Khan is the latest high-end shoe and accessories brand that embodies an air of sophistication and fashion with a bold display of colors, design, and glamour. It offers a complete line of luxury accessories, but women's shoes are the primary product. Accessories range from scarves, belts, handbags, and small leather.

The vision and mission of the company's CEO and Creative Director Qasir Z Khan are to create the most cherished luxury brand for the world. Qasir sketches draws and designs every shoe himself with great attention to detail. He maintains close supervision of his artisans in the factories ensuring perfection in each piece. He is very particular about the choice of materials used in his products. Being an artist, he enjoys the whole process of brainstorming, designing, crafting, and bringing his innovative ideas to life by putting it all together to bring out the best in all of his pieces of artwork from scratch to finish.

Today Qasir Z Khan brand is known for its originality, authentic flair, and panache to women. They appreciate its supreme quality and have great faith in Qasir's art pieces due to his detailed perfectionism, unparalleled craftsmanship, glamorous style, and alluring cut. His brand is, in reality, a reflection of his soul.

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