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QASR Auto Services

We provide a complete package for your car. This means that every important part of your car will go under proper review and nothing will be missed that could cause a problem in the future. In order to provide this complete package, we offer a wide range of services.
QASR Auto services provide a wide range of exceptional services for your beloved luxury cars. Repair and tuning services are also provided for which we have professional quality equipment. Nothing should go wrong when you are handling the repair and tuning work of luxury cars. Keeping that in mind, we conduct quality checks for all our repair and maintenance equipment regularly.

With our wide range of services, you can expect your luxury cars to shine bright and run smoothly. We aim to provide exceptional customer service to our clients and care highly for their comfort and convenience. For that, we have many procedures in place, like a pickup service for your cars.

Following are listed our services:
Client Transfer
Car Repair & Services
Mobile Road Help
Car Customization
Car Diagnostic

For the more information you can contact us on: 055-2450791/ 054-3206600, mail us on [email protected]

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