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Red Mountain Colorado

Red Mountain Colorado,PO Box 336100, Greeley, CO 80633 United States Greeley United States

Red Mountain Colorado was founded to help troubled teens recover from drug addiction, alcoholism, and other substance abuse disorders. However, that does not mean that Residential Treatment Centers substance abuse treatment is all we do. We have had our own experiences with trauma and know just how much traumatic events can affect addiction. This is why we are also considered a trauma-specific treatment center. When a teen struggles with drugs or alcohol and has at least one other mental health condition present, we call this a dual diagnosis disorder (also known as a co-occurring condition). Our program is structured to treat both drug and alcohol addiction as well as dual diagnosis disorders. When your teen arrives at our rehab facility, our staff will assess if there are any underlying mental health symptoms. With these learnings, we take an integrated approach to create a path to psychosocial wellness.
Red Mountain Colorado
PO Box 336100
Greeley, CO
United States
Phone: (877) 244-8307
Email: [email protected]

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