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230 Victoria St, London London, ON Canada

In 90 days, you can achieve your goals with REJUV Health. Our senior exercise programs in London are designed to help you take control of your health within three months through professional exercise therapy, nutritional coaching, and education. If you have underlying health risk factors like high blood sugars, body weight, or blood pressure, our programs can make a difference in your life, giving you more energy, strength and making you feel healthier than ever before. Not only are our programs supervised by a Registered Kinesiologist, but you will be educated and guided on nutrition, biometrics and vitals, de-stressing for better sleep, and healthy lifestyle choices, encouraging changes that promote exercise as medicine and improve your health. Our senior wellness programs generally span three months or 12 weeks, three times a week for a total of 36 sessions. The REJUV 90 day program is for your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT - and will change your life in just 90 days. GUARANTEED! Book your consultation with our experts today.

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