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Brick Recycler


Created on
March 9, 2019
Last modified
March 10, 2019
January 2011
Recycling & Waste Management
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Postal or Zip Code
652 N King Rd, San Jose, CA 95133, USA


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Legos cannot be recycled because they are made from ABS plastic which is non-recyclable. So please don’t dump them in recycling bins because they will end up in the trash. You could donate Legos to the Bick Recycler instead - Brick Recycler can forward them to the kids or organizations who need them! We have many more requests for LEGOs than we can fill right now. And we receive new one-time requests constantly. One request is from someone in the army, stationed in Honduras. We will be sent him some Legos for the troops and local kids to enjoy. Another example is many pounds of used pieces to bless children at an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Will are collecting many more for them too. We also teamed up with Compassion International to help children in Brazil, sent toys to children in Flint Michigan, and provided building supplies to a nonprofit science program for teens. We also packed up a huge box to send to war torn regions of the world. There is a strong need for educational toys in these areas, and Lego pieces are perfect. Many will go to blind and refugee children. We also sent 200 pounds to families that lost their possessions in the devastating fires in Northern California. Organizations we worked with set up “free centers” letting families pick what they wanted. So, we urge everyone to donate Legos for a good cause.
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