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SanSmart is New Zealand’s leading provider of hygiene and sanitisation solutions and products to the dairy, meat and food processing industries. SanSmart specialises in supplying hand hygiene solutions, surface sanitisers, floor and foot contamination care, and odour control products.

Compliance with industry hygiene standards and a focus on employee well-being is a priority for any commercial business – and SanSmart provides a range of hygiene solutions for a range of businesses.
SanSmart sanitisation formulas are engineered for the stringent food industries and meet current USA FDA food codes and NZFSA and AgriQuality requirements.

Hand hygiene: Ensuring employees wash their hands remains the best approach to stopping the spread of germs and bacteria in the workplace. SanSmart is a supplier of instant mist and foaming soaps as well as soap dispensers for hassle free, cost-effective hygienic hands.

Sanitisation of surface and food contact areas: SanSmart supplies mops, towels and sanitisers to suit a variety of surfaces and food contact areas, proven to reduce germs and bacteria.

Sanitisation of foot traffic: To stop bacteria and pathogens being spread around food processing and other hygiene-critical areas by foot, SansSmart supply a range of footbaths and tacky mats designed to stop contamination at the door.

Control of odour: SanSmart supplies a range of solutions from odour neutralising units to deodorgrans to neutralise odours in even the trickiest of commercial environments.

Visit the SanSmart website for a comprehensive review of our hygiene and sanitisation solutions and options, and to obtain online quotes to meet the needs of your business.

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