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Sharpeagle Technology

1002, Sobha Ivory 2 Business Bay, Dubai United Arab Emirates

SharpEagle is a leading manufacturer & system integrator of industrial CCTV and Safety solutions. Our key strengths are in Explosion proof CCTV systems designed for hazardous areas. All our products are ATEX certified. Our range of products includes Explosion Proof PTZ and Fixed camera systems, Forklift camera & sensor systems, 4G solar camera system.

We have designed and implemented our solutions for renowned companies in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Chad, Kenya, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and Australia. Our aptitude for bridging the gaps in heavy and oil & gas industries have exponentially advanced.

Shapeagle products:

Explosion proof CCTV camera system with Installation services -

- Explosion proof mini IR camera system
- Explosion proof PTZ camera system
- Explosion proof Zoon IR camera system
- Explosion proof fixed type dome camera system
- Explosion proof fixed type PTZ camera system
- Explosion proof compact color camera system

Forklift Safety system With installation services -

-Forklift anti collision system
- Forklift speed control system
- Forklift camera system

SharpEagle’s mission is to help you improve productivity, minimize losses and enhance productivity.