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2 years ago AG AG is the insurance, pension and financial consultant located in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. We provide the consultation for all insurance options and other financial services in German, English and Russian. Our professionals work for both private clients as well as for corporate clients.
Services we provide for private clients: Health insurance, Personal liability insurance, Household insurance, Vehicle insurance, Legal insurance, Insurance of valuables, Accident insurance, Rental deposit insurance, Travel insurance, Building insurance, 3rd pillar (3a and 3b), Retirement planning, Life insurance, Disability pension, Mortgages, Real estate sale, Tax return, Buying benefits, Leasing offers.
Services we provide for corporate clients: Accident insurance, Illness allowance, Liability insurance for the company, Professional liability insurance, Inventory insurance, Vehicle insurance, Legal insurance, Rental deposit insurance, Mandatory pension fund (BVG), Management solutions, Accounting, Taxes, Establishment of a new company, Buying benefits , Leasing offers.
We offer you individual and personal consultation without obligation. Our team will be glad to assist you with any questions and concerns. Either you are citizen or expats in Switzerland, Simplecare will help.

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