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October 10, 2018
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December 10, 2018




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146 Robinson Road #08-01
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Incorporated in Singapore since April 2004, RecruitPlus knows the local market well to connect you with the top talents of the right fit. Experience the award-winning plus-sized professional service with a difference. Set up as a one-stop service provider for all HR-related services, RecruitPlus provides permanent and contract search services, managed HR services, consultancy and training to assist our clients in managing the unique challenges of their respective industry. We, the RecruitPlus are your trusted HR partner because we understand that the right talent can transform and grow your business. Our Talent Specialists are experts in their respective industries and we operate in a wide spectrum of industries covering both private and public sectors. We, the RecruitPlus have honed a knack for recruiting the best and brightest professional & executive talents to fill both permanent positions and contract roles for some of the most exciting organizations today. So that you focus less on HR issues, and more on your business. To complement the core service of the recruitment agency, RecruitPlus also boasts a team of highly-qualified management consultants, all of whom are handpicked to offer comprehensive and personalised Consultancy service. RecruitPlus understand that the ability to acquire, satisfy and retain talents is a critical success factor of any firm and we will go the extra mile to make the difference for you. Experience the RecruitPlus Difference, a PLUS-sized difference.
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