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Yourspace Technologies Pte Ltd


Created on
September 4, 2019
Last modified
September 4, 2019
January 2018




YourSpace Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company that provides a revolutionary method for people to have confidential discussion. We provide and install modular soundproof booths for you. We aim to distribute our soundproof booths to co-working spaces, events, offices, night clubs. For co-working spaces, the tenants using the hot desks would need to have confidential or even just the calls would disturb the other tenants. This is when our single booth can come in handy and act as a phone booth. we intend to equip the booth with existing artificial intelligence (AI) transcribing tools. This would allow note takings in meetings to be a much easier affair. We would start the second stage of the plan either through funds from the sales of the standard booths or venture capital investments. Business Address: 68 Circular Road #02-01, Singapore 49422 Business Phone: +65 87841042 Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun: 9am to 6pm
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