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Cafe Hormozi

Cafe Hormozi

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Created on
April 27, 2019
Last modified
April 27, 2019
January 2019
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01795 229233


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ME10 3FZ
Unit 2, Precision 4 Business Park, Styles Close Sittingbourne, ME10 3FZ, Kent



Tea and coffee merchant. Here at Cafe Hormozi, we freshly roast coffee beans to your taste. Back in 2000, our company began distributing Spanish-imported coffee beans to the UK. Little did we imagine back then, that we would have come this far. Cafe’s and restaurants loved what we had to offer. By 2005, we were all over London and popping up around the country. It was at this point we struck out, and began coffee roasting. Although we already had experience roasting coffee, this is when things really kicked off! Coffee is a wonderful thing, and necessary in our modern, day to day lives. What we value about all is providing great tasting, high quality coffee beans. We actually love coffee, and promise to never ship anything we would not drink ourselves. Other than that, we feel it is crucial to respect our customers, and aim to provide excellent service. We do so by offering unheard of flexibility and attention to detail with all our clients.
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