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February 12, 2019
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February 15, 2019
August 2012
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47A Cherni Vruh Blvd., Siven Building, floor 4, 1407, Sofia, Bulgaria


What is Microweber? Microweber is a very user-friendly and intuitive open source website builder built with a drag-and-drop functionality and in the same time, it functions as a very robust and comprehensive content management system (CMS). Aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as freelancers, Microweber provides users with a platform that simplifies the creation and management of websites and online stores. The platform is built with an integrated online shop wizard that guides users on building and maintaining their online stores and websites. All they need to do is upload their products and services and start selling. With its impressive CMS features, anyone with little to no website designing and development skills can craft professional looking websites with great content. Other features include payments, client lists, order status, order notification, shipping, and custom fields. Overview of Microweber Benefits Microweber offers you a new generation CMS and website builder that run in an open-source environment. It is built with a real Drag & Drop functionality that makes creating and managing online stores and websites a total breeze. Microweber is so easy to use that even those who haven’t worked on codes and website development will find the software highly intuitive and easy to use. Microweber is loaded with the advantages you might see in popular content management systems and website builders such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla to name a few. It is Microweber’s drag and drop interface that separates it from other similar platforms With it along with Microweber’s custom developed WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, you can drag and drop almost everything, like layouts, images, banners, content, and more. You have total control over what you can display on your screen and how you want it. This drag and drop feature makes designing and editing your website or online store so easy that it decreases your reliance on third-party developers to build, edit, and manage your website, saving you huge money on operational and maintenance expenses. As Microweber is an open-source platform, you and anyone else can make tweaks and changes to your system, resulting in a highly customized website the suits your needs and other business requirements. Overview of Microweber Features Open Source Drag & Drop Website Builder Live Editing Online Store Builder Professional Templates Laravel Framework Bootstrap Support Themes CustomizationModule Architecture Adding Pages Adding Posts & Products Database Backup & Restore
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