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“We are a Comprehensive Marketing Consultancy Company for Small to Medium-sized Businesses.” Here the word ‘comprehensive’ means that we provide both – Consultancy, i.e. the Approach to solve your challenges, and the Tools to crack problems. This is a distinctive idea which we are working on and that’s why ‘We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop’. This is our endeavor to execute an inclusive approach so that the brand is present at all points of consumer contact. We strive to hit on multiple touch-points, in turn creating one central story that can be communicated to the TG through various types of media without any deviation. Our every single thought and idea starts and ends with the question – How will it help us to achieve our marketing goals as a Brand? At the end, we have to answer the questions: - What did we do for the brand? Did we sell, inform, engage, or educate? So to achieve this very goal, we have created our marketing consortium.

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