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St. Johns County FL

Fusion Bowling


Created on
May 29, 2019
Last modified
May 29, 2019
January 2004
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Mon - Fri : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm




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79 Hudson Way, Ponte Vedra


Fusion Bowling was founded in 2011 and is the only company in the US that focuses on small, personal bowling alleys. We are a small company, and we prefer to keep it that way! Our model allows us to maintain a tight grip on quality control and make every project unique with customized bowling lane colors, patterns, graphics, logos, and other special effects. We work with architects, interior designers, builders, and property owners to ensure that they not only create the best home bowling alleys, but also educate them about managing their bowling alleys once installed. We also work as subcontractors for general contractors working on multifamily residential projects. We make sure our clients get the absolute best product and service possible. Fusion Bowling is a preferred partner of Brunswick, manufacturers of world-class bowling equipment and a leader in the bowling industry. This helps us offer the best regulation size, commercial grade equipment and components that are often better than ones you’ll find at a high-end public bowling alley. To learn how much a bowling alley costs, visit If you’d like to install a bowling alley in-house, call 904-701-2695.
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