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When choosing a method of Land clearing Hamilton it is important to consider the local environmental conditions which will affect how much work is required and whether or not machinery may make the process easier. For example, if the conditions are too wet then machinery would have difficulty being used because machinery would get stuck easily which could waste time, money and cause problems with construction schedules. Also there would be difficulty allowing machinery into an area due to dense bush or rainforest. Chemical burning is suitable in most conditions. It is cheap and can be used with relatively little work during dry conditions, but care must still be taken to avoid over-burning which could cause loss of nutrients.

Manual cutting and chopping is useful when the area needing clearing has few people and limited time available for labour. It can be done in moist conditions but not if there is a high risk of fire, and it's best to do this right after a long dry period and before any rain to avoid killing trees (). Manual cutting and chopping also requires repeated trips into the bush to remove stubborn stumps which could spread out over time making them more difficult to find thus creating wastage of time and frustrations which could delay land clearing or result in other jobs not Land clearing Hamilton being done or started on schedule. This method also does not allow for large equipment such as bulldozers which may be needed due to poor accessibility especially through dense vegetation where manual work would take too long.

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