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Kaplan Homes


Created on
August 21, 2019
Last modified
August 21, 2019
February 2006
Home Improvement & Maintenance
Opening Days & Hours
Monday to Friday 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM


02 4647 6688



Building a new home in Sydney and need a trustworthy builder? We all plan on living in the house of our dreams and with Kaplan Homes it’s possible. We understand the excitement that comes with planning the design and build of your new home, and the anxiety that also comes along with it. It’s no easy task choosing the perfect colours, fittings, flooring, design and style, not forgetting the floor plan and layout of the house. That’s why we’re here. At Kaplan Homes we believe in making people's dreams come true, our promise is to help you navigate smoothly through the process of building your ideal home. Visit our website for more.
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