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The Spring Meditation

The Spring Meditation is a Vedic Meditation studio offering Vedic Meditation Courses, Group Meditations, Wellness Workshops, Advanced Vedic Knowledge, Corporate Meditation Courses and Corporate Meditation Workshops.

At The Spring Meditation, our company believe that a better world starts with the well-being of each individual. Our mission is to teach New Yorkers how to optimize their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through Vedic Meditation, mindful community, and an ever-evolving curation of wellness offerings. We aim to use our private and cumulative power to produce a more serene, fair, and environmentally sustainable world.

* Vedic Meditation is easy. *
If you can believe, you can meditate. There's no need to sit in an expensive present or attempt to "peaceful the mind." Vedic Meditation is created for active, modern people, and it's easy to suit hectic schedules. We sit comfortably, close the eyes, and quietly utilize a particular noise (or mantra) to settle into a state of deep rest. Through this process, we awaken the complete capacity of the mind and restore balance in the body.
* Vedic Meditation is restful. *
Vedic Meditation permits us to dive deep listed below the surface area of the mind's activity and gain access to the peaceful, unbounded place that lies beyond our daily ideas and issues. We launch built up stress, fatigue, and stress in this state of wakeful rest. After practicing meditation, we feel clear, calm, and ready to tackle life's needs.
* Vedic Meditation is rewarding. *
Minimizing built up tension in the body assists us carry out at the top of our video game, believe more creatively, conquer our worries, and feel better. With routine practice of Vedic Meditation, people discover that their energy levels increase and they can be present and productive with less effort. Work, play, and relationships are definitely more rewarding as a result.
There is likewise great reward in the varied, ever-growing community of Vedic meditators in New York City and beyond. Those who discover Vedic Meditation are welcome to enjoy The Spring`s different offerings, the support of its instructors, and the value of its community.

We value:
- COMMUNITY: We supply an experience of mindful community that fosters individual development, interpersonal connection, and growth of knowledge.
- ACCESSIBILITY: We are dedicated to making meditation offered to all who want to learn. Students experiencing financial difficulty might contribute volunteer hours to cover all or part of their course fees.
- DIRECT EXPERIENCE: We motivate students to find out and look for truth through direct experience, not by merely thinking what they hear.
- DIVERSITY: We celebrate all types of diversity in our trainees and associates.
- EVOLUTION: We think that modification is evolutionary and embrace it completely.
- LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS: Our technique to meditation is easy and satisfying, and we know how to have a good time.
- INTEGRITY: We honor integrity in our teaching practices and our relationships with trainees and associates.
- ZEST FOR LIFE: We think that everybody is implied to take pleasure in life and aid others to do so.

Most of all, we believe that enjoying is of utmost significance.

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