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The Tattoonity

Ant. Ioannidi 7. Kos, greece Greece

Interested in body art? Find tattoo, piercing artists at TheTattoonity
TheTattoonity was born out of the need to unite members of the tattoo and piercing community. Based on their travels around the world, TheTattoonity’s founders realized that it was indeed quite difficult to find an available guest spot at a tattoo studio as talented tattoo or piercing artists were much in demand and tough to spot. They were all scattered and struggling to meet their like.

This is the gap that TheTattoonity aims to bridge. Our platform is accessible for everybody and provides you with new work possibilities, regardless of where you are from. If you have a penchant for drawing, love to speak your mind through designs, TheTattoonity could be your ideal platform to showcase your talent. And through this, you also get the opportunity to travel the world.

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