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Tomes Law Firm, PC

479 Route 79 Unit A5 Morganville, NJ, 07751, United States

At Tomes Law Firm, PC, we believe that every client has the right to be involved in the decisions in their case. This belief comes out of core values: a focus on clients, affordability, collaboration, growth, and honor. We know that when you provide high-quality, result-oriented services with these intentions, you get the best results.

We also know that the best way to tackle legal issues is to prepare for them before you’re facing them. This means working with a business lawyer from the beginning of launching a new business. It means working with an estate planning lawyer early in life. It means meeting with a probate lawyer quickly after a passing or even being proactive enough to meet and discuss issues with a will lawyer when drafting your will. Or it could mean meeting with a trust lawyer to move assets in your estate ahead of time to avoid as much probate as possible. By working with our lawyers before problems arise, you can ensure that you are prepared to weather any storm that comes your way.

Of course, new problems come up all the time and that’s why the knowledgeable attorneys that make up Tomes Law Firm, PC, are ready and available to tackle those challenges that nobody could have foreseen coming. We encourage our clients to get regular updates, ask questions, and seek answers from us but we’ll never take the ultimate decision on what should happen with your case away from you.

Despite everything we do, Tomes Law Firm, PC, understands that we’re doing this for our clients and that means clients come first in every single aspect of our work. This mindset allows us to make the everyday lives of our clients, their businesses, and their families better so that they can strive and grow. Contact our law firm today to get started with one of our team members.

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