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Macanta Design Build Inc.

Macanta Design Build Inc.


Created on
August 23, 2019
Last modified
August 23, 2019
August 2019


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Macanta Design Build Inc. is an award winning Winnipeg renovator specializing in home additions and major renovations. Utilizing the design-build model, we are a full-service transformation specialist dedicated to ensuring the longevity of value in your construction project. Macanta Design Build Inc. was incorporated in September of 2014, founded by principals Cory Kloos and Desmond Sweeney, but that isn’t where the story begins. The story first begins nearly fifteen years earlier at the turn of the millennium, early in the year 2000, when Cory started his career in construction. He began work for a builder whom he respected personally, but soon learned that he was the type of contractor you hear about on Holmes on Homes. Cory wanted to work differently and decided to go out on his own, operating as a sole proprietor. He took on small projects and, once the quality of his work and attention to detail became known, began to take on larger and more complex projects. 729 St. Mary’s Road Winnipeg MB R2M 3N3 204-977-6604
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