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Toronto ON

Premier Fluid Systems, Inc


Created on
October 4, 2019
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October 4, 2019
October 2019
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9 AM To 6 PM


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L7L 5L5
4161 Morris Drive, Unit 5, Burlington, ON, Canada L7L 5L5


Premier Fluid Systems, Inc is an integrated service provider for marketing and servicing of pumps and systems of Travaini, PVR-Rotant and other market leaders. PFS Pumps deliver extremely high quality and high technology pumps, vacuum systems and compressors with a complete expertise of liquid handling and vacuum technology. We take pride in introducing ourselves as an organization that is committed to excellence in vacuum technology. The products that we offer are majorly applied for industrial use due to the stress-free performance and durability of the products. We not only provide detailed engineering of robust products based on the assessment of our technical team, but also manufacture high quality products with after installation support for our clients.
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