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Solid Leather – Premium Leather Belts

Solid Leather – Premium Leather Belts


Created on
July 17, 2019
Last modified
July 17, 2019
July 2009




Postal or Zip Code
K9H 3L7
2 Bankers Common Peterborough ON K9H 3L7


First there’s the craft of belt making. It demands a discipline and style and determination to do things in my own individual way. Then there’s the client connection of bespoke fashion – each one is a unique relationship unto itself. That opportunity to work with people one-to-one and provide a perfect look and fit fuels me every day. With Solid Leather I’m not just building a business around belt making. This is about pursuing that passion and developing my craft. And that demands I forge my own path. I believe a belt is the most practical and essential piece of fashion in a wardrobe. We back that guarantee with 15 years of experience in leather work, a commitment to excellent materials and an eye for design. As the workhorse of anyone’s wardrobe we expect belts to perform far more than any other piece of fashion. They have to complement your day-to-day living while easily adapting to those occasions when dressing up calls for a subtle accent of individual style. 2 Bankers Common Peterborough ON K9H 3L7 705-931-2242
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