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Michael Santonato


Created on
February 19, 2020
Last modified
February 19, 2020
February 2010
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Financial Advisor Everything Changed When I Knew I Would Marry The Love Of My Life. Just After Moving In With Her And Her Three Kids, I Was Hit With The Fact That I Would Soon Be A Provider For Them – Financially As Well As Responsible For Providing An Education And Safety Net For Many Years To Come. That Is When I Scheduled A Meeting With A Financial Adviser. Both Jessica And I Got Present To The Gap Of Where We Wanted To Be And Where We Were. And It Was A Wakeup Call! We Made Some Changes And Turned Around Our Situation In A Short Period Of Time. That Experience Was So Important And Valuable For Me And My Family That I Left My Career As A Matchmaker: To Enter The World Of Money And Help As Many Families And Individuals As I Can. I Take The Time To Get To Know Everyone I Work With. I Treat Every Single Person I Come Across As A Valuable Relationship. There Is Always Value I Can Share With The Person Sitting Across From Me. I Like To Be Transparent And Tell The Truth Even If It Hurts. I Believe That Is The Only Way To Serve People. Time Is Limited And Life Is Short And I Don’t Like To Waste Either Of Them.
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