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Violett Bella Casa

137 Victoria Road Drummoyne NSW 2047 Australia

Based in Drummoyne, Violett Bella Casa is one of the most acclaimed beauty salons, offering tailored treatments, along with extensive consultations and advice. With more than 19 years of experience and with some of the best experts in our team, we are the best name to turn for some exquisite beauty treatment for men and women.

We offer a wide range of services that range from providing facials using only the best products partnered with Skeyndor to cosmetic tattooing, HIFU, Meso Infusion DCS, Geneo+, Emscuplt, Micro-needling Hyaluronic Meso Injections, and Plasma Fibroblasts.

Our services in a nutshell

The services we offer include:

> Facials (including 5D HIFU Treatment, In Tech Meso infusion DCS)
> Anti aging treatment
> Facelifting
> Cosmeceutical Peels
> Tattooing (including Eyebrows E-Dermis Tattoo Remoov88,
> Body Contouring (including 5D HIFU Body Treatment, Impact Fat Cavitation)
> Services for men that include Skeyndor Men, Men Express Energizing Professional Pack
> VIP Services including cosmetic tattooing, HIFU, facials, Sorisa Impact, Eternal & Meso Dcs, Emsculpt Pro, Emsculpt & Sorisa Impact.

Why choose us?

> We have Internationally Professional Standard Network (IPSN) certified Aestheticians
> Our highly hygienic process helps to keep the blood borne pathogens at bay and resists infection.
> Our experts have Certificate IV in assessment and training and they have certification in Micropigmentation.

For further details, CONTACT US now.

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