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Polska Livestock


Created on
September 13, 2019
Last modified
September 13, 2019
September 2019




Polska Livestock prides itself on the natural breeding of structurally sound goats and sheep, reared under paddock conditions. We have been breeding quality goats & sheep from a range of genetics. We started out as a mini ranch, raising Boer goats, Kalahari red goats, Dorper, and Damara sheep. Slowly and carefully, we purchased quality breeding animals from numerous reliable farms. Since then, it has been all about quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain herd sizes that are manageable without outside help. Polska Livestock is located on a portion of a fourth-generation family farm up north of Poland. We raise Kalahari red goats, Boer goats, Damara, and Dorper sheep. We sell lamb as well as genetically superior seed stock to other shepherds. We often work with new shepherds to help them choose some of their initial or foundation flock and are happy to share information, resources, and ideas with folks who may be considering raising sheep. Business Address: ul. Jana Kazimierza 47,01-267 Warsaw, Poland Business Phone: +48 61 660 4681 Hours Of Operation: 8:00 AM-18:00 PM
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