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Washington DC

Todd Ragimov


Created on
March 16, 2018
Last modified
December 10, 2018



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Todd Ragimov is a president and a co-founder of ATEL Development, real estate development firm. Todd has been in real estate industry since 2009 and mainly invests in Washington DC. Prior to his career in real estate development Todd Ragimov gained Bachelor’s Degree in petroleum industry management and Master’s in Information Systems. IT Project Manager by trade, Todd uses his PM skills to develop his building projects and later implement in accordance with the drafted road map. In his projects Todd combines a passion for real estate investment with a defined vision for innovative functional design. His firm re-builds and revitalizes distressed properties, builds new condo units and renovates old homes in the capital of the US. The goal of ATEL Development is to create beautifully designed and functional interiors, while preserving the historic character of each building’s exterior.
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