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Doc Solution- Your own E clinic in less than a week time!

Telemedicine is a technologically driven medical practice which, is growing at an exponential rate especially, in this pandemic. Approaching health care with telemedicine is the need of hour and DOC SOLUTION with its outstanding features brings this service to your doors. Now with almost 74% younger people preferring telemedicine, having your e-clinic with own domain name, hosting and cloud server space along with a robust EMR (patient management technology) is just what every Homeopath needs!
You also get case taking and follow-up services by team of experienced doctors acting as your assistants to help you save time. All patient data is maintained securely including follow ups, reports and transaction history for effective patient management. Cloud based system software is available to cater patients and manage their data securely from anywhere in the world. Along with these, you also avail benefits of Live and Real doctor’s assistance for saving your time and also second opinion available from best practitioners for optimum results. Additionally, Doc Solution also skillfully manages monetary aspect of your clinic with International payment gateway for being a global doctor and accepting patient’s fees in Rupees, Dollars, and Pounds & Euros.
You also get specialized team for marketing & promotional material support with integration of your social media platforms with your website. Our specialized teams are always there to help and guide you.
Doc Solution is brain child of well established Homeopaths and aims to makes your practice stress free, successful and also at par with modern times. It also provides you fully equipped e- pharmacy thereby saving your money and increasing your profits. You will have access to genuine & excellent quality medicines with courier facility and fastest possible delivery across the globe in sturdy and attractive packaging. This, not only saves your time and efforts but also money for clinic space, furniture, maintenance and medicine inventory.
Now, it is possible to run your clinic effectively even in holidays and lockdowns. Let’s adapt modern technology in our lives and take our clinics to digital platform and help patients around the globe.
Let’s take a look at what users of Doc Solution has to say about their experience-
Dr Payal Mahna
Dr Garima
Dr Rebecca
Dr Vivek
Dr Vanessa D’ Souza
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