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Why Cybersecurity Automation is the need of the hour

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Cyber actors are now on a high rise and NVIDIA’s Morpheus is helping combat the current set of CyberSecurity and incident response problems. Read to know more.

The title may be a tongue twister, but it perfectly describes the current scenario. Today, more and more firms are defending themselves against cyber threats and attacks with powerful systems and solutions, but hackers and attackers have progressed to the point that they can access even the most prestigious industry players' networks.

What is Cybersecurity Automation?

Cybercriminals are becoming more intelligent and inventive as they use technology to their advantage. And it is at times like these that constant awareness and prompt action are required, signalling the arrival of Cybersecurity Automation.

Cybersecurity Automation simply refers to the automation of tasks that may be readily managed by machines without requiring any human interaction or intervention. Automation tools, intelligent technologies, system solutions, and advanced scripts are commonly used to achieve this automation.

A deeper Analysis into the future – Benefits of Cybersecurity Automation

1) Catching camouflage - Before penetrating networks, cybercriminals are recognised for their on-the-spot timing and ability to conceal themselves and mask their attacks in plain sight.

2) Allowing only Authentic Users in - Websites with pages or qualities that require users to fill out forms or utilise payment gateways require an improved security cushion to protect their backend activities, and cybersecurity automation guarantees that only authentic users are permitted to access those pages and complete their tasks..

3) No risk of human error - When it comes to cybersecurity automation,

4) You can feel assured that your system solution will not be vulnerable to the dangers of human mistake. At any given time, the intelligent layers are designed to be vigilant and free of distractions.

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