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The Farmentary, Little Miracle,rnLedbury, Herefordshire,rn ledbury United Kingdom

Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar with 'The Mother' is made from 48+ wild apple varieties grown in our 300-year-old organic orchards. Varieties include Broxwood Foxwhelp and Collington Big Bitters. It’s raw, live, unfiltered and unpasteurised, keeping in tact the many benefits ‘The Mother’ has to offer. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is a labour of love. First, we harvest our apples from the orchards surrounding the farm. They’re pressed and fermented into a gorgeous, golden unfiltered cider. With the help of some fresh Herefordshire air the cider is naturally fermented into Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). This natural transformation also creates ‘The Mother’, strands of gut-friendly probiotic bacteria that makes our ACV cloudy and ‘cobwebby’. Our Mother is alive and full of goodness in each bottle. And that’s it. No fertilisers or pesticides. Nothing added, nothing removed – 100% natural.

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