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1 year ago

ZIZANIA Nutrition Counseling

Zizania is a nutrition counseling company specialized in the reversal of chronic illness. We help our clients achieve optimal health by teaching them how to make healthy food combinations, make home-made meals, and understand their metabolism so they can eat in a way that does not result in weight gain or illness.
We make custom-based recipes for each client to match their food preference and taste. The food is taste good, can be enjoyed by the whole family and shared with anyone. Because we create foods that high in nutrients, low in calories, using fresh ingredients, the meals can be shared with anyone.
At Zizania we never tell our clients to eat something they don't like. We focus on what they enjoy eating and just make it healthier. The bonus is all our recipes and food combinations are all you can eat. The more you eat the better since these foods are both nourishing and healing.
Over the past 12 years, we have helped dozens of client’s reverse type 2 diabetes, eliminate inflammation, prevent heart disease and surgery, and achieve permanent weight loss.